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Making your first page

The first page is a major challenge to some people and to others it comes quite easily. Here are a few tips to make your pages go easier!
  • Each page doesn't have to be perfect.
  • Every page doesn't have to be elaborate. Keep them simple.
  • Don't buy too many supplies until you get started, they will overwhelm you.
  • Remember why you are making an album. No matter what your personal reason is for making this album, it certainly shouldn't be stressful for you.

Here is a step by step guide to making your first page:

  1. Choose a few pictures of a single event
  2. Pick out the best photos. Get rid of the blurry photos and the photos that do not help tell the story or do not show any one's face clearly.
  3. You should have 3-5 photos of the event. Many people recommend that you use odd numbers of photos on a page.
  4. See if you have one great photo that should be the focal point of the page. If so consider that while you continue.
  5. Place the photos on the page, is there a logical sequence or can you put them where they are visually appealing?
  6. If you have one perfect photos, then crop it if you need to. Chances are you will not need to do much to it.
  7. Now, look at your other photos. Are there elements in the background that distract your eye from the subject of the photo? If so consider cropping your photo to showcase the thing that was supposed to be the subject of the photo.
  8. Consider adding color to your page by matting a photo with acid-free, lignin-free colored paper, acid-free, lignin-free stationary or using a die cut.




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